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Month: May 2016

breast implant

When is it best to have breast implant revision after a pregnancy?

Women who become pregnant after having had breast augmentation surgery, are often not happy with the effects that pregnancy have on their breasts. As a result, they often choose to revise their initial breast augmentation, in order to reverse the changes. But when is it best to have breast implant revision after a pregnancy.

Breast implant revision surgery
Breast implant revision surgery is generally done to remove the initial breast implant. This may be required as a result of a complication such as capsular contracture, or due to changes in the shape of the breasts that occur after several months or years. Some women also do breast implant revision surgery, because they are unhappy with the size of the original breast implant.

When is it best to have breast implant revision surgery after a pregnancy?
The breasts tend to lose volume and often start to droop as a consequence of pregnancy. These changes will adversely impact the results of any breast augmentation procedure done prior to pregnancy.

Doctors generally recommend a waiting period of at least 6 months after pregnancy, before doing any type of cosmetic surgery. Women considering breast implant revision should also have completed breastfeeding, and be at a stable weight. It is important to give the body a chance to regain its equilibrium, and allow the hormones to settle, because pregnancy brings with it a lot of physical and emotional changes.

It’s best to discuss your desire to have breast implant revision with a board certified plastic surgeon, so that a decision about timing can be made based on your specific situation.

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medical devices that are reshaping healthcare

How can HIT(Healthcare IT) help with physician shortage

The shortage of primary physicians in the US is a real one, and based on current trends, the supply of doctors is not expected to match the demand anytime soon. Greater use of technology is seen as one way to bridge the gap, and lessen the impact of the inadequate number of physicians. But how can HIT (healthcare IT) help with physician shortage.

Health IT can help the physician shortage
Health IT can help to address the shortage of physicians in sever always.It provides telecommunications technologies that allow physicians and patients to connect without an office visit. This is especially beneficial in rural areas and smaller communities,where the physician shortage is often more acute.

Telehealth capabilities have made it possible for patients in rural areas to connect with doctors for routine medical purposes. Patients can also access specialty care via this method. Being able to see a specialist can often be challenging, especially for the older population, but online consultation has made specialists more accessible.

Mobile medical devices
Mobile medical devices that link into electronic health records allow doctors to have video conferences with patients, and diagnose and treat some conditions. Physicians are therefore able to assist more patients, and also use their time more efficiently.

Health IT is improving access to care, as doctors are able to share information electronically. The access to EHR has made the transfer of patients easier, and this also helps to decrease the demand for physician services.

Medical IT has made it possible for doctors to now practice medicine at a distance, and this is certainly helping to reduce the impact of the physician shortage.

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Scar Revision

What Results Can I Expect from Scar Revision Surgery?

Surgical procedures inevitably leave a scar, but when a scar heals poorly and looks very unattractive, scar revision surgery may be necessary. This will not completely remove the scar, but it will make it less visible. With this in mind, most people considering this type of surgery are usually anxious to find out – what results can I expect from scar revision surgery.

Scar Revision
There are different techniques that can be used to treat surgical scars. The scar may be treated surgically, or a minimally invasive procedure may be done. The choice will be determined by several factors including the location and size of the scar, your skin type, and whether the scar is flat or raised (learn more).

What results can you expect with scar revision surgery?
With scar revision surgery, the potential for improvement is generally very good, if the surgery is performed correctly. The scar can be made to look smoother, thinner, and less visible, and it is also possible to make it blend in better with the texture and color of the surrounding skin. The skin usually takes a few weeks to settle, so the improvements are not immediate.

However, it is important to be realistic about the outcomes, because there are times when the scar may not improve significantly. This is why it is very important to have surgery performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Clients in the Minneapolis, St Paul hub can contact board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Heather Rocheford, of Rocheford Plastic Surgery, Woodbury, MN for consultation.

Dr. Rocheford will perform an evaluation of your scar to determine if you are likely to get favorable results with scar revision surgery. Call (651) 739-1100to schedule a personal consultation.

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