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Month: June 2016

How does a Gummy Smile Reduction procedure work?

Have you ever been told you have a ‘gummy simile?’ if you have, it simply means that you show excessive gum tissue when you smile, and if that’s a problem for you, you can correct it with a gummy smile reduction procedure. So how does a gummy smile reduction procedure work?

Do you have a gummy smile?

Dentists consider a gummy smile to be one that has upwards of 4 millimeters of gum showing. Ideally, the upper lip should drape over the top of the teeth, and only about 2 millimeters of gum should be seen.

What causes a gummy smile?

There are several reasons for a gummy smile. It’s often caused by a hyperactive upper lip that rises higher than it should, resulting in excess gum tissue being exposed when you smile. A gummy smile may also be due to an abnormality in the eruption of the teeth.

Gummy Smile Reduction

There are quite a few treatment options for a gummy smile, but the choice of treatment will depend on the underlying cause of the problem. If your gummy smile is caused by a hyperactive upper lip, it can be treated with an injection that will restrict the elevation of the upper lip when you smile, and decrease the amount of gum shown. This is a simple procedure that takes only 15 minutes to complete. It requires no anesthesia, and has no downtime.

What to expect

Correcting your gummy smile will give yourface a more balanced look, and improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

If you have extra gum tissue, and you’re in search of the ideal smile, contact Wellcare Medical Centre to find out more about gummy smile reduction. Call 07 3133 4483 to set up an appointment.

Sweat Reduction

Is a Single MiraDry Treatment Enough to Provide Permanent Sweat Reduction?

MiraDry is a new non-invasive treatment that promises long term relief for underarm sweat. Most people with sweaty armpits have tried antiperspirants and deodorant to no avail, so when a solution comes along promising lasting relief, it’s going to attract a lot of attention. But how effective is it, and is a single miraDry treatment enough to provide permanent sweat reduction.

MiraDry for Hyperhydrosis
MiraDry is approved by the FDA for the long lasting treatment of excess underarm sweat, or axillary hyperhydrosis. Hyperhydrosis is a condition that causes some individuals to sweat profusely, even on cools days. The problem is often linked to overactive sweat glands that produce much more sweat than the body needs for cooling.

How it works
MiraDry utilizes controlled electromagnetic energy, to destroy the sweat glands. The microwave energy penetrates deep into the skin where the sweat glands are, and the heat generated damages the sweat glands, but does not affect the surrounding skin in any way.

Is a single treatment enough
There are cases in which people can gain significant results with just one miraDry treatment. However, most patients experience about a 60-65% reduction in sweat after the first treatment, and this jumps to about 90% at the end of the second treatment. Doctors therefore recommend a course of 2 treatments, spaced about 3 months apart.

If you suffer from excessive sweating, miraDry can certainly make a difference in your life, because you won’t have to feel self-conscious about your sweaty underarms any more.

Clients in the greater Atlanta metro area can contact Skin Cancer Specialists, P. C. & Aesthetic Center, for more information about miraDry treatment for permanent sweat reduction.Call today and schedule a consultation.

Is DCL safe for sensitive skin?

DCL (Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories) skin care products have been at the forefront of the cosmeceuticals industry since the 1980’s. They are known for their luxurious line of products that are formulated using advanced science. DCL products are designed to address the most troubling skin conditions, and boost skin health. But is DCL also safe for sensitive skin.

DCL skin care system
DCL is a skin care system that is formulated to treat a range of skin issues including aging skin, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, and dry skin. The products also offer optimal sun protection. DCL’s cutting edge skin care line targets all layers of the skin, and this makes it very effective for skin renewal.

Is DCL safe for sensitive skin?
Themotto of the DCL brand is ‘beauty from science,’ and this has been the driving force behind their efforts to develop innovative skin products for a range of skin conditions, and skin types. So it’s no surprise that they also have a category of products for sensitive skin.

Products such as the DCL – Ultra Product Cleanser, are specially formulated with sensitive skin in mind. The ingredients deeply moisturize and hydrate the skin, allowing it to maintain its delicate balance. Ingredients such as chamomile, green tea extract, aloe vera, and willow herb help to soothe and calm the skin. Even individuals with skin conditions such as rosacea and psoriasis can use DCL products without fear of side effects.

If you are ready to improve the health of your skin, DCL can help. DCL anti-aging skin care products are available in Guilford, CT, at the Langdon Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery. Call 844-551-9880today for a consultation with Dr. Robert Langdon.

Cellfina Overview: Everything You Need to Know About the Cellulite Solution

Women with cellulite are often filled with dread at the thought of having to wear shorts or a bathing suit, because those lumpy marks of cellulite make them feel so embarrassed. But thanks to Cellfina, you don’t have to live with cellulite forever. Below is a Cellfina overview: that tells you everything you need to know about the cellulite solution.

What is Cellfina?
Cellfina, is the new FDA approved solution for reducing the appearance of cellulite. It is a minimally invasive treatment that requires no downtime.

How it works
Cellulite is created by fibrous bands of connected tissue located under the skin that pull it downward. This pressure is responsible for creating the dimpled appearance of the skin, and is commonly referred to ascellulite.

Cellfina is equipped with a tiny micro-blade that releases the fibrous bands under the skin, thereby altering the underlying structure of cellulite. Once this release takes place the skin bounces back and evens out, thereby eliminating the dimpled,lumpy appearance.

At the start of the procedure, the area being targeted is numbed using a local anesthetic. Treatment takes less than one hour.

How soon will you see results and how long does it last?
The results can be seen about 2-3 days after treatment, and last for up to 2 years.

Are there any side effects?
There are no major side effects associated with the use of Cellfina, patients may experience minor tenderness, soreness, or bruising. Symptoms generally resolve within 7-14 days.

Find out more about Cellfina treatment for cellulite from Song Plastic Surgery, Irvine, CA, also serving clients in Orange County. Call (949) 701-4454 today, for a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Kyle Song, MD.

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