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Month: January 2017

What are the latest improvements in telemedicine?

Telemedicine is rapidly transforming healthcare, and changing the way physicians and patients interact.  Telemedicine is impacting healthcare in a big way because it is improving the quality of care, decreasing patients’ hospital stay, and boosting efficiency. But what are the latest improvements in telemedicine.

Latest improvements in telemedicine
Telemedicine focuses on the use of electronic communication to enhance the physician-patient relationship. There are now a range of technologies that are being used to improve patient care, and also allowing doctors to link with each other electronically. Many of these technological developments are life-saving, because they provide the information physicians often need to make split-second decisions.

Mobile cart computers are among the latest improvements in telemedicine. The integration of mobile cart computers into the daily workflow of physicians and nurses, is helping to streamline workflow improve the level of patient care, and providing valuable patient services.

Healthcare professionals regard mobile cart computers beneficial tools because they save time, and allow immediate access to patient information. The speed and efficiency of the technology also enables them to spend more time with patients.

Venus-223 by Onyx Healthcare
Onyx Healthcare, USA, Inc is a leading manufacturer of mobile carts and other medical computers for healthcare practitioners. We recently released the Venus-223,which is an advanced mobile cart computer with faster processing capabilities, and superior graphics performance.

Although significant strides have already been made in telemedicine, much more growth is expected, as physicians and patients become more comfortable with the technology.

At Onyx Healthcare, USA, located in Orange, CA, we remain committed to developing integrated IT solutions designed to improve efficiency in healthcare.

Call us today at 714-792-0774to schedule a consultation, and find out more about the solutions we have to offer.

How long is the recovery for a Mommy Makeover procedure?

There’s no denying the joys and rewards that motherhood brings, but pregnancy also takes a toll on your body.  Unfortunately, a healthy lifestyle won’t transform your droopy breasts and sagging tummy skin, but a mommy makeover can. If you would like to have the procedure done, but you’re wondering how long is the recovery for a mommy makeover, we answer that question below.

Mommy Makeover
A mommy makeover is a combination of surgical procedures that are done to restore your pre-pregnancy appearance. The typical procedures include a breast lift/breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction.

Are you a good candidate
Candidates for a mommy makeover should be in good health, and should also be done having children.

How long is the recovery for a mommy makeover?
After a mommy makeover, patients generally experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Since a mommy makeover consists of several procedures, the recovery period can take 2-3 weeks.

Most women are able to return to work after 2 weeks, but this may be longer for those with jobs that require a lot of physical activity. Doctors generally advise patients to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activity for at least 6 weeks.

While there are some guidelines relating to recovery, every woman is different, so it’s important to abide by your surgeon’s post-op instructions, and also listen to your body.

Mommy makeover in greater Houston, TX
Mommy makeover surgery is available in the greater Houston area at Correa Plastic Surgery, The Woodlands, TX. Dr. Bryan Correa, board certified plastic surgeon,will customize a treatment plan that is just right for you, based on your specific goals and concerns.

You can request a consultation online at www.correaplasticsurgery.com/consultation/, or call 281-419-9119.

What is the best non-surgical body contouring procedure on the market?

Non-invasive body contouring is now all the buzz, and there are many new technologies to choose from. Many people who eat nutritionally balanced meals and adhere to regular exercise, but have trouble spots that that won’t go away,are choosing non-surgical procedures to get rid of their saddlebags and muffin tops. But what is the best non-surgical body contouring procedure on the market.

SculpSure non-surgical body contouring
SculpSure is one of the latest innovations in non-invasive body contouring. It uses light-based laser technology to tone the abdomen and flanks. SculpSure has received positive reviews since its launch, because it has several advantages over similar non-invasive fat reduction technologies.

Below are 5 reasons why the SculpSure system is considered one of the best non-surgical body contouring options:

  1. Short treatment time: A SculpSure treatment session takes 25 minutes to complete, compared to other non-invasive options that take 45-60 minutes.
  2. Treats multiple areas: SculpSure has 4 applicators, and this makes it possible to have several areas treated in one visit. Most other non-surgical body contouring devices can only treat one area in a single session.
  3. Efficiency: SculpSure destroys 24% of the fat cells that are treated, and those fat cells are gone for good.
  4. Extremely Safe: Most patients only report some mild bruising after SculpSure treatment, but they are able to return to normal activities right away.
  5. Virtually painless: SculpSure is easily tolerated, because the device has cooling plates that help to maintain a comfortable temperature, so patients don’t feel the heat during treatment.

SculpSure body contouring is available at Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa, Pewaukee, WI.

Call us today at262-746-9088to set up a consultation with Dr. Deborah Manjoney

How can medical tablets aid healthcare practitioners?

Mobile devices such as medical tablets are now routinely used by healthcare practitioners, and they are transforming clinical practice. Tablets are portable, user friendly, and easy to travel with, making them ideal for the busy and intense clinical setting. But how can medical tablets aid healthcare practitioners.

Thanks to tablets and similar devices,more and more clinicians are now a part of the mobile world. Tablets are hand held ‘mini-computers’ that facilitate ease of access at the point of care. The computing and communication features they offer are beneficial to clinicians in several ways, and are helping to improve overall patient care.

Here are some of the ways medical tablets are helping healthcare practitioners:

  • Clinical decision making. Tablets provide a range of clinical resources for medical practitioners. Clinicians can quickly reference apps for healthcare professionals that provide information relating to diagnosing diseases, treatment guidelines, andmedications. They can also use tablets to reference medical literature, medical news, and drug information that can improve decisions relating to patient care.
  • Patient monitoring. Medical practitioners can use tablets to tap right into hospital information system, and a patient’s electronic health record or EHR. Being able to access information when and where they need it, helps them to better monitor patients. This makes for more informed decision making.
  • Consulting and Communication. Tablets allow medical practitioners to easily consult and communicate with other health professionals in different locations. They can easily communicate with other doctors or nurses to discuss patient care.

Medical tablets are a huge part of the modernization taking place in healthcare, and Onyx Healthcare USA Inc, is happy to be a part of it. We manufacture a range of computing technology products for medical device companies and medical practitioners. Call us today at 714-792-0774 to schedule a consultation.

How can I get rid of unwanted body fat without surgery?

Do you eat healthy and exercise regularly but you’re still frustrated by fat in those hard-to-lose places? Have you been asking yourself -How can I get rid of unwanted body fat without surgery? If you answered yes to these questions, you’re going to want to learn about SculpSure body contouring treatment.

There are now a large number of non-surgical treatment options that promise to help you eliminate unwanted fat, without incision, pain, or downtime. But they don’t always deliver.  Sculpture does.

SculpSure is an FDA approved fat reduction treatment that uses laser heat energy to reduce fat in the abdomen, and flanks. It is ideal for people with small areas of stubborn fat that won’t budge despite diet and exercise. SculpSureis a simple procedure that takes only 25 minutes, so you can do it on your lunch break.

How SculpSure works
The SculpSure applicators are placed on the skin above the area being targeted for fat reduction. The laser energy penetrates the skin, and heats and destroys the fat cells. The fat is then eliminated over the following weeks by the body’s lymphatic system.

There is only minimal discomfort during SculpSure treatment, most patients will feel a tingling sensation during the treatment, but this is very tolerable.

What to expect after treatment
There may be some tenderness in the area after treatment, but this does not prevent you from resuming your normal activities. Some results can usually be seen within 6 weeks, but final results can take up to 12 weeks to show.

SculpSure body contouring is available in Orange County, CA at Song Plastic Surgery in Irvine.

Call us today at (949) 701-4454 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kyle Song.

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