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Month: February 2019

Should I get UltraShape Power instead of Liposuction?

Should I get UltraShape Power instead of Liposuction?

Do you have excess fat that simply won’t go away? UltraShape Power is a non-invasive fat reducing procedure that can melt away that fat for you. When it comes to fat reduction, liposuction is usually the obvious choice, but it does come with some downsides, which is why non-invasive options like UltraShape Power have become so popular. But should you get UltraShape Power instead of liposuction.

What is UltraShape Power?

UltraShape Power is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that employs focused, pulsed ultrasound energy to destroy stubborn fat cells. The device selectively targets the subcutaneous fat below the surface of the skin, so it does not harm any of the nearby blood vessels, nerves, or connective tissues.

The abdomen is one area where unwanted fat seems to linger the most, and UltraShape Power is very effective for reducing abdominal fat. However, it is a versatile device that can be adjusted to treat various parts of the body including thighs, arms, and back.

How UltraShape Power works

The transducer head is placed on the target area and the device emits pulsed ultrasound. The acoustic waves then take aim at the fat deposits below the surface of the skin, and the changes in pressure rupture the membrane of the fat cells. Only the fatty deposits are affected by UltraShape Power, because the ultrasound only resonates with the fat cells. The fat cells that are treated are later expelled by the body.

UltraShape Power is a safe, comfortable, virtually painless treatment, with no adverse side-effects. There is no downtime after UltraShape, so it’s possible to have the procedure done and return to your normal activities right away.

Treatment takes between 20-40 minutes, depending on the area being treated.

It typically requires a course of 3 treatments to achieve the desired results. However, this may vary depending on the amount of fat being removed. Sessions are spaced about 2 weeks apart. There will be some improvement within the first few days of treatment, but optimal results won’t be seen until the recommended number of treatments are complete.

In order to ensure the best results, UltraShape Power should be included as part of an overall healthy lifestyle of improved diet and regular exercise.

Should you get UltraShape Power instead of Liposuction?

UltraShape Power may be a good option for you if:

You only need to reduce a few areas of stubborn fat. Although you lose some fat with UltraShape, it is not a weight loss solution. UltraShape Power is designed to reduce pockets of fat that are difficult to remove with diet and exercise. The ideal candidate for UltraShape Power is someone with a BMI of 30 or less. Doctors also advise that you need to have at least an inch of pinchable fat in the targeted area to qualify for treatment.

In clinical trials, participants lost about 3-5 centimeters after treatment with UltraShape Power.

You don’t want any downtime after treatment. UltraShape Power only targets the fatty tissue, which is why there is no undesirable damage to nearby tissue structures. Therefore, there is no downtime after treatment. This makes UltraShape Power ideal for men and women that are not able to take time off work to undergo a surgical procedure. Liposuction is more invasive, so there is generally some swelling, bruising, and soreness, for several days after treatment, so patients have to restrict normal activities.

You prefer non-surgical body contouring. UltraShape Power is a completely non-surgical treatment, so there are none of the complications and risks associated with liposuction surgery. For example, liposuction can occasionally result in bumpy or uneven fat removal results that look distorted.

UltraShape Power is an excellent non-surgical fat removal method for patients that are near their ideal weight, but it is not a replacement for liposuction. Consequently, individuals that have large areas of fat to remove will have to undergo surgical liposuction in order to get the best results.

Are you interested in UltraShape Power body contouring treatment?

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What's the Difference Between Fillers or Laser Treatment for Smoother Skin?

What’s the Difference Between Fillers or Laser Treatment for Smoother Skin?

If you’d like to rejuvenate your face, but you’re not willing to have plastic surgery, there are a variety of less invasive options to choose from. Many people are aware of the benefits of fillers and laser therapy for smoother skin, but they’re usually not sure what’s the difference between them.

Although both fillers and laser treatments can smooth the skin, there are some differences to consider before deciding which would be the right option for you.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are injectable tissue fillers that can be used to get rid of unwanted wrinkles and leave the skin soft and smooth. There are various types of fillers available and they have different qualities, depending on the parts of the face they are designed to treat.

Fillers made from hyaluronic acid (HA) are considered the most natural, since HA is a naturally occurring substance in the body. Hyaluronic acid based fillers are also the most popular and widely used fillers, as they are safe for use by most people. However, individuals with sensitive skin should discuss any issues with their doctor, to ensure that they are a good candidate for facial rejuvenation with dermal fillers.

How dermal fillers smooth the skin

When fillers are injected below the surface of the skin, they plump the tissues and fill in wrinkles. HA fillers attract water from surrounding tissue and are therefore able to plump the area where it is injected. Within a few days, the skin will be noticeably smoother at the injection site.

Treatment with dermal fillers is a quick procedure that produces mostly immediate results. It is also low risk, and requires little to no downtime.

Laser treatment

Laser skin resurfacing is a great way to reduce facial wrinkles and other skin irregularities, leaving the skin smoother and firmer. As the skin ages, it loses elasticity and youthful luster, which is largely due to the decline in collagen and elastin. Collagen keeps the skin firm and plump, while elastin keeps it tight. Rejuvenating lasers stimulate collagen, and this improves the overall texture of the skin, and reduces skin laxity.

How lasers smooth the skin

Lasers make the skin smoother by reducing irregularities such as wrinkles, large pores, and scars, which make the skin rough and uneven. Laser treatment makes the skin smoother because it boosts collagen and elastin that together make the skin plumper and more flexible.

The lasers emit a focused beam of light that removes damaged skin, and also stimulate collagen in the deep layers of the skin. Improvements are noticeable immediately after treatment and continue over time.

There are a variety of skin resurfacing lasers on the market, including the cutting-edge Laser Genesis by Cutera. The Laser Genesis is an advanced device that uses non-invasive laser energy to treat skin conditions such as wrinkles, rough texture, and scars, resulting in smoother, clearer skin. The laser gently heats the dermal layer of the skin, and improves its appearance by activating collagen.

Laser treatment is safe for most skin types. Downtime typically lasts for a few hours as there may be some redness after treatment, but this does not normally prevent patients from resuming regular activities.

What’s the difference between fillers or laser treatment for smoother skin?
Fillers and laser treatments are ideal for people that are not interested in surgical skin rejuvenation.

Fillers smooth out the skin by filling in wrinkles. It often takes just one injection to have the skin looking plumper and smoother for several months. This is especially noticeable with hyaluronic acid fillers because they attract water, which helps to restore volume to the skin.

Alternatively, lasers use light energy to smooth the skin. It usually takes several treatments to improve the appearance of the skin.

Fillers will make the skin smoother, but unlike laser treatments, they do not improve the tone and texture. Consequently, laser therapy may be more appropriate for individuals looking for a total facial rejuvenation treatment.

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