How can EHR technology aid healthcare practitioners?

The incorporation of digital technology has forever changed the delivery and accessibility of healthcare. Devices such as medical tablets and mobile nursing stations are facilitating a seamless flow of information, brought about by the availability of electronic health records (EHR). EHR technology was designed to simplify the sharing of data among stakeholders in the healthcare system. But how exactly can EHR technology aid healthcare practitioners.

EHR technology
EHRis the digital version of a patient’s medical records. This is information gathered from several doctors over a period of time, and includes their medical history and clinical information. Patients can view some of this information via secure web portals.

How can EHR technology aid healthcare practitioners?
EHR facilitates the electronic exchange of clinical information among health care providers. The availability of complete and correct health information is especially important in cases where there is a medical emergency. Healthcare practitionerscan access data when and where they need it, so that a thorough diagnosis can be done, and a precise treatment protocol determined. EHR therefore helps to reduce the chance of a mis-diagnosis.

EHR eliminates the problem of patient data being misplaced or lost, which was often the casewith paper records. It also reduces the errors that can arise when transcribing data. The reduction of data errors improves the efficiency of healthcarepractitioners, and contributes to better patient outcomes.

EHR also makes it easier for healthcare practitioners to transfer data to other physicians, as well as to other hospitals or departments.

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