5 tips on prepping for a breast augmentation

Are you making preparations for a breast augmentation? There’s no need to be anxious, because your plastic surgeon will review the entire process with you, so that you can make the necessary plans to ensure a safe, healthy surgery. Also, recovery will certainly go much smoother if you pre-plan for surgery.

5 tips on prepping for a breast augmentation

  1. Get blood work done. Patients undergoing breast augmentation may be required to have pre-operative blood work done, to ensure that they do not have an underlying medical condition that could adversely impact surgery.
  2. Stop smoking. Patients are advised to stop smoking at least one month before a breast augmentation, as smoking can affect wound healing. Doctors also advise patients to refrain from smoking 2 weeks after surgery.
  3. Avoid taking certain medications. Patients should stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen at least 14 days prior to surgery, as these drugs can thin the blood. Your surgeon may also recommend that you stop taking certain dietary supplements.
  4. Fill prescriptions. Patients should ask their plastic surgeon about the prescription medications they will need after surgery, so that they can get these early.
  5. Stock up on supplies. It’s a good idea to get food items and other supplies that will be required during recovery.

After breast augmentation patients generally need help at home, so requesting help from a family member or friend to assist with chores is also recommended.

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