Best Ways Pre and Post-Surgery to Avoid Capsular Contracture?

Capsular contracture is an all too familiar side-effect of breast augmentation, but remains poorly understood. Although surgeons cannot predict the instances in which it can occur, they can optimize surgical conditions in order to keep the rate of capsular contracture to a minimum. So let’s take a look at the best ways pre and post-surgery to avoid capsular contracture.

Capsular Contracture
Capsular contracture is a condition in which the thin membrane or capsule that the body naturally forms around the breast implant becomes hard and thick. When breasts implants are placed in the body they are seen as foreign objects, and as a result the body forms a thin membrane around them. While this response is natural, there are times when the capsule tightens around the implant as time passes.

Avoiding capsular contracture
Doctors are not entirely sure what causes capsular contracture, but research suggests that the problem may be linked to a low grade infection. Consequently, prevention methods are primarily focused on reducing the possibility of infection, by ensuring that the breast implants remain as sterile as possible:

Pre-Surgery Prevention
•    Antiseptic solution is used to prep the skin.
•    Application of a microbial sealant to the area where the incision will be made, thus reducing the risk of bacteria in the surgical area.

Post-Surgery Prevention
•    Daily doses of oral vitamin E  help to keep the collagen fibers that make up the capsule soft.
•    Compression exercises help maintain the flexibility of the capsule.

If you are considering breast augmentation, be sure to discuss complications such as capsular contracture with your surgeon. Clients in Orange County can contact Song Plastic Surgery, Irvine, CA for more information. Call 949-701-4454 today, and set up an appointment with Dr. Kyle Song.

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