When will I see results from Coolsculpting?

If you are thinking about scheduling a CoolSculpting treatment to get rid of stubborn fat, you’re probably anxious to find out when you will see results from CoolSculpting. There are quite a few technologies available for non-invasive fat reduction, but CoolSculpting is the favorite of many. It is safe, effective and provides natural looking results.

CoolSculpting fat reduction

CoolSculpting fat reduction treatment uses controlled cooling to freeze away unwanted fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. It gets rid of approximately 25% of fat in the treated area in a single session. However, some people may need multiple treatments.

CoolSculpting is FDA approved for treating fat bulges on the abdomen, upper arms, flanks, inner and outer thighs, and the submental area (double chin). It also reduces back fat, bra fat, and fat beneath the buttocks.

A typical CoolSculpting session takes about 45-60 minutes. There is no downtime after treatment, so patients can resume normal activities right away.

When will you see results from Coolsculpting?

In most cases, patients see some improvement about 3-4 weeks after the first CoolSculpting treatment. However, full results can take up to 2 months to show.

The effects of CoolSculpting appear gradually. Once the fat cells are frozen, they eventually die, but it takes time for the body to process and expel the fat. The treated fat cells are gone for good. However, in order to sustain results in the long term, patients will have to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise.

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