How Many Treatments Do I Need to Lighten a Tattoo?

Tattoos are no longer forever, because thanks to today’s technology people can lighten an existing tattoo, and get the tattoo they really want. There are times when a tattoo doesn’t come out just right, but it’s possible to lighten or remove it all together. But one of the most common patient questions about the procedure is, – how many treatments do I need to lighten a tattoo.

How laser tattoo lightening works
The process to lighten a tattoo involves the same laser treatment used for tattoo removal, but it requires fewer treatment sessions. The light rays emitted by the laser are absorbed by the particles in the tattoo, causing them to fragment. The particles are then absorbed by the body, and later removed via the lymphatic system.

How Many Treatments Do you need to lighten a tattoo?
It’s not always easy to estimate the number of treatments that will be needed to lighten a tattoo, as it depends on several factors, including the power and effectiveness of the laser being used. However, depending on the technology, it can take 2-4 treatments to lighten a tattoo.

The color of the tattoo also influences the number of treatments needed, as some colors are easier to lighten than others. In addition, tattoos that are placed deep in the skin will require more treatment sessions.

Newer technologies like the Lumenis QX Max can lighten tattoos quickly and efficiently, as it treats a broad range of tattoo colors.

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