How Does BBL Broad Band Light Work?

If age and sun damage has robbed your skin of its youthful luster, BBL Broad Band Light can help you turn back time. When it comes to treating skin issues such as sun spots, age spots, wrinkles, and facial veins, BBL sets the standard. But how does BBL Broad Band Light work.

What is BBL Broad Band Light?
BBL is a photo rejuvenation treatment that uses pulses of light to reduce the excess pigment in the skin that causes pigmented lesions. It also gets rid of the fine vessels that cause the redness in vascular lesions.

BBL is commonly used on the face, neck, chest, and back of the hands, which are the areas that are often exposed to the damaging UV rays of the sun.

How does BBL Work?
BBL delivers intense pulsed energy that heats the upper layer of the skin, and is then absorbed by the areas being targeted. This sets the skin’s regenerative process in motion, resulting in the growth of new collagen. Collagen increases the thickness and firmness of the skin. BBL leaves the skin clearer, smoother, and more youthful.

In addition, studies carried out confirm that BBL actually restores the skin cells to a youthful state, because it fixes the DNA damage that takes place in the cells due to aging and environmental factors. BBL renews the genes and genetic code within the cells, causing them to perform like younger cells.

There is minimal discomfort with BBL and no downtime is required, so patients can return to their normal routine immediately.

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