Is it better to go to a practice with a Groupon or is it better to go to a higher cost practice for Botox?

Everybody loves a great deal, and Groupons offer just that on a range of goods and services. So if you’re thinking about having a cosmetic procedure done, using Groupons may seem like a bargain, but many people have gotten burned chasing bargains on cosmetic procedures. So is it better to go to a practice with a Groupon, or is it better to go to a higher cost practice for botox.

Why bargain botox may not be a good idea
Most doctors agree that bargain shopping is not a good idea when it comes to medical procedures such as botox. They therefore advise against going to a practice that accepts Groupon. Getting botox on a budget may seem attractive, but you may end up facing additional charges or worse end up with an injury because it was not injected properly.

It’s important to remember that botox is a real medical procedure, and therefore complications can happen. Botox must be injected at the right location and with the right dosage, by a trained and qualified medical provider. Going to a higher cost practice is one way to ensure that you are being treated by a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon (learn more).

A trained specialist will be able to give you the necessary evaluation, to ensure that you would be a suitable candidate for the procedure.

If you are in the greater Long Beach area, contact Laser Skin Care Center Dermatology Associates regarding botox treatment.

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