How should I prepare for my chemical peel?

Would you like to bring back your skin’s natural glow? A chemical peel is a great way to boost skin health, and restore a radiant complexion. However, in order to get optimal results from a chemical peel and reduce potential risks, it’s necessary to prepare the skin ahead of time. But just how should you prepare for your chemical peel.

What is a chemical peel
A chemical peel is a cosmetic treatment that improves the quality and appearance of the skin. Chemical peels are typically used on the face, neck, and hands. During a peel a chemical solution is applied to the skin, to exfoliate the damaged outermost layers. The skin eventually peels away to reveal younger, smoother- looking skin.

Chemical peels improve the overall tone and texture of the skin and treat a variety of skin concerns including wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots, melasma, and acne scars.

How to prepare for your chemical peel
If you would like to get the best possible results from your chemical peel, the following pre-procedure steps are recommended.

  • Avoid shaving or waxing your skin or undergoing laser hair removal in the days prior to a chemical peel, as these treatments can make the skin more sensitive. Injectable treatments such as botox should also be avoided.
  • Stop using retinoids as they can strip the skin, and possibly exaggerate the results of the peel.
  • Use products with soothing ingredients that will keep the skin hydrated, calm, and balanced.

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