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What is the latest advancement in Telemedicine Devices?

Telemedicine technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and some healthcare providers  are finding it hard to keep up. There are now a host of devices that have been integrated into the health care system, which make the process easier for physicians and patients. But what is the latest advancement in telemedicine devices.

New telemedicine devices are emerging every day, but one of the most innovative products is the infotainment system with eye tracking technology developed by Onyx Healthcare. The device is similar to other infotainment solutions in that it  combines information and entertainment capabilities.

Traditional infotainment systems are controlled by a remote control or a touchscreen terminal. However, the latest infotainment device by Onyx goes a step further, because it’s equipped with eye tracking technology.

The eye tracking feature is a game-changer for patients that are disabled, or have limited mobility. With just a few simple eye movements, they can access the bedside terminal without needing assistance.  This unique system gives them some measure of independence as it allows them to view their medical records, request a visit from a doctor or nurse, and also look through the various channels to find the specific TV show they’d like to watch.

The device is certain to provide patients with a great deal of satisfaction, by giving them equal access to bedside terminals, despite their physical limitations.

The bedside terminal has a 15” PC panel that is attached to a built-in monitor arm. It also has an external hot swap battery system that ensures optimal power availability.

Contact Onyx Healthcare USA Inc, Orange, CA to find out more about this infotainment system, or any of the other medical solutions we have available.

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What are the latest medical tablet updates?

Medical tablets have helped to change the face of healthcare, and are now commonplace in health care facilities. This is because they have enhanced efficiency by streamlining workflow, reduced costs, improved decision making, and enriched quality of care. But the technology continues to evolve, so what are the latest medical tablet updates?

Latest medical tablet updates
When lives are on the line, emergency medical personnel need reliable, up-to-date patient records to make decisions quickly. Having medical tablets on hand allows them to do just that.

EMS medical tablets designed to meet the specific requirements of emergency medical personnel are among the latest updates in the market.

Onyx Healthcare USA, Inc, a leading manufacturer of medical IT solutions has developed an advanced medical tablet for emergency medical workers. It’s known as the MD116 medical tablet.

The MD116 is a rugged medical tablet designed to give emergency medical professionals the critical assistance they need to save lives. The device is user-friendly, fast, and accurate. Its uses reliable technology to ensure that electronic patient care reports are transmitted in real-time,regardless of where the emergency happens to be.

Here are some of the reasons why the MD116 improves the efficiency of the emergency team:

  • Information can be communicated quickly and completely. Personnel can access and transmit critical EHR in real-timefor better decision making.
  • Convenient data entry. This helps ensure that information can be input speedily and accurately.
  • Seamless patient care. It links dispatchers, emergency services, and medical centers, so that everyone has up-to-date information on patients.

The MD116 is a versatile, portable, medical tablet that provides a great deal of functionality, and keeps patient data secure.

Contact Onyx Healthcare USA, Inc, Orange, CA, to find out more about the MD116.

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What are the latest improvements in telemedicine?

Telemedicine is rapidly transforming healthcare, and changing the way physicians and patients interact.  Telemedicine is impacting healthcare in a big way because it is improving the quality of care, decreasing patients’ hospital stay, and boosting efficiency. But what are the latest improvements in telemedicine.

Latest improvements in telemedicine
Telemedicine focuses on the use of electronic communication to enhance the physician-patient relationship. There are now a range of technologies that are being used to improve patient care, and also allowing doctors to link with each other electronically. Many of these technological developments are life-saving, because they provide the information physicians often need to make split-second decisions.

Mobile cart computers are among the latest improvements in telemedicine. The integration of mobile cart computers into the daily workflow of physicians and nurses, is helping to streamline workflow improve the level of patient care, and providing valuable patient services.

Healthcare professionals regard mobile cart computers beneficial tools because they save time, and allow immediate access to patient information. The speed and efficiency of the technology also enables them to spend more time with patients.

Venus-223 by Onyx Healthcare
Onyx Healthcare, USA, Inc is a leading manufacturer of mobile carts and other medical computers for healthcare practitioners. We recently released the Venus-223,which is an advanced mobile cart computer with faster processing capabilities, and superior graphics performance.

Although significant strides have already been made in telemedicine, much more growth is expected, as physicians and patients become more comfortable with the technology.

At Onyx Healthcare, USA, located in Orange, CA, we remain committed to developing integrated IT solutions designed to improve efficiency in healthcare.

Call us today at 714-792-0774to schedule a consultation, and find out more about the solutions we have to offer.

How can medical tablets aid healthcare practitioners?

Mobile devices such as medical tablets are now routinely used by healthcare practitioners, and they are transforming clinical practice. Tablets are portable, user friendly, and easy to travel with, making them ideal for the busy and intense clinical setting. But how can medical tablets aid healthcare practitioners.

Thanks to tablets and similar devices,more and more clinicians are now a part of the mobile world. Tablets are hand held ‘mini-computers’ that facilitate ease of access at the point of care. The computing and communication features they offer are beneficial to clinicians in several ways, and are helping to improve overall patient care.

Here are some of the ways medical tablets are helping healthcare practitioners:

  • Clinical decision making. Tablets provide a range of clinical resources for medical practitioners. Clinicians can quickly reference apps for healthcare professionals that provide information relating to diagnosing diseases, treatment guidelines, andmedications. They can also use tablets to reference medical literature, medical news, and drug information that can improve decisions relating to patient care.
  • Patient monitoring. Medical practitioners can use tablets to tap right into hospital information system, and a patient’s electronic health record or EHR. Being able to access information when and where they need it, helps them to better monitor patients. This makes for more informed decision making.
  • Consulting and Communication. Tablets allow medical practitioners to easily consult and communicate with other health professionals in different locations. They can easily communicate with other doctors or nurses to discuss patient care.

Medical tablets are a huge part of the modernization taking place in healthcare, and Onyx Healthcare USA Inc, is happy to be a part of it. We manufacture a range of computing technology products for medical device companies and medical practitioners. Call us today at 714-792-0774 to schedule a consultation.

medical devices that are reshaping healthcare

How is the latest technology in medical computers aiding practitioners?

Technological innovations have been the driving force behind the transformations taking place in healthcare in recent years. Medical computers are now incorporated into almost every aspect of patient care. But just how is the latest technology in medical computers aiding practitioners.

How medical computers help medical practitioners
The latest medical computers have far reaching capabilities, and help medical practitioners to interpretdata and medical images. Computers also assist with patient diagnosis, as there are advanced computer programs that can help clinicians identify sicknesses that they might otherwise have missed.

Below are some other ways in which medical computers are aiding practitioners.

  • Providing better data collection and real-time access to patient information. Many physicians and nurses use hand-held computers, on which they record up-to-date patient information.
  • Improving efficiency. In just a few short minutes, clinicians can get information about a patient’s current health status, drug information, and medical history. This data can be obtained when they need it, and wherever they need it.
  • Improving patient care. Medical computers also facilitate the sharing of patient information among medical practitioners, to enhance patient care.  Computers make it possible to have critical patient data such as lab results and drug information, in a central location. Being able to access this data has improved the level of patient care.
  • Better patient monitoring. Medical computers make it a lot easier to look up patient information and set up alert notifications. Computer alert notifications help physicians to act quickly when treating patients.

Onyx Healthcare USA, Inc, Orange, CA is a leading manufacturer of computing technology for health care companies, and medical device companies.

Give us a call at714-792-0774 to schedule a consultation, and find out more about our products.

How can EHR technology aid healthcare practitioners?

The incorporation of digital technology has forever changed the delivery and accessibility of healthcare. Devices such as medical tablets and mobile nursing stations are facilitating a seamless flow of information, brought about by the availability of electronic health records (EHR). EHR technology was designed to simplify the sharing of data among stakeholders in the healthcare system. But how exactly can EHR technology aid healthcare practitioners.

EHR technology
EHRis the digital version of a patient’s medical records. This is information gathered from several doctors over a period of time, and includes their medical history and clinical information. Patients can view some of this information via secure web portals.

How can EHR technology aid healthcare practitioners?
EHR facilitates the electronic exchange of clinical information among health care providers. The availability of complete and correct health information is especially important in cases where there is a medical emergency. Healthcare practitionerscan access data when and where they need it, so that a thorough diagnosis can be done, and a precise treatment protocol determined. EHR therefore helps to reduce the chance of a mis-diagnosis.

EHR eliminates the problem of patient data being misplaced or lost, which was often the casewith paper records. It also reduces the errors that can arise when transcribing data. The reduction of data errors improves the efficiency of healthcarepractitioners, and contributes to better patient outcomes.

EHR also makes it easier for healthcare practitioners to transfer data to other physicians, as well as to other hospitals or departments.

Onyx Healthcare USA, Inc located in Orange, CAis a leading provider of EHR technology, and we have solutions for hospitals and medical facilities.   Call us today at (714) 792-0774, to find out more about the products we have available.

medical devices that are reshaping healthcare

Is there a solution for technology breaches in the medical field?

Increasing breaches of protected health information has become a major concern for  healthcare institutions in the US.  The trend is worrying, because hackers are no longer content to target insurance companies, but are now setting their sights on stealing patient data from hospitals, clinics, and other health facilities. So the question being asked is this – Is there a solution for technology breaches in the medical field.

Data breaches can be costly for a health care facility, and they can also lead to a loss of patient trust. For this reason, healthcare organizations, must be very careful about protecting sensitive patient data.

So how can health care facilities protect patient information?
First of all, health organizations must ensure that all the medical technology containing patient information is compliant with HIPAA privacy and security rules.

At Onyx Healthcare USA, Inc we ensure that all the medically focused technologies that we provide to medical providers and health care institutions, meet HIPAA privacy standards.

Healthcare facilities should also make certain that the information on all portable devices is encrypted. It’s therefore advisable to ensure that devices such as smartphones and tablets are obtained from HIPAA compliant companies like Onyx Healthcare.

The dynamic nature of technology makes the security of patient information challenging. Therefore in addition to ensuring the security of the technology you use, clinicians need to recognize that they have a personal stake in making sure that patient records are kept secure. Employees must therefore buy-in to a culture that is focused on preventing breaches.

If you would like to find out more about the safe medical IT technologies available at Onyx Healthcare USA, Inc in Orange, CA, call 714-792-0774  for a consultation. You can also visit us online at www.onyxhealthcareusa.com/.

medical devices that are reshaping healthcare

What is the future in medical devices manufacturing?

Onyx Healthcare USA Inc, stands ready to take advantage of the recognition we now enjoy in the medical devices industry, to create products that will continue to revolutionize healthcare. We frequently revise our business model, in order to ensure that we are equipped for the future. But what is the future in medical devices manufacturing looking like?

The future in medical devices manufacturing will see:

Devices that are faster and more flexible
When it comes to medical data there is always the need for speed, so medical devices have to be consistently faster, and include better features. They need to be fast enough to assist with timely diagnosis, and flexible enough to display diverse information simultaneously.

Onyx continues to innovate in this area, as we have already released 6th generation core Intel processors, which are the latest and fastest.

Devices that can withstand regular sanitization
Medical PCs, tablets, and mobile nursing stations are now vital tools for physicians, nurses, and other medical staff. Since these devices are moved about between patients from room to room, regular sanitizing is a must.

Unfortunately, some medical devices now in use are ill-equipped to withstand the demands of constant sanitization. Therefore medical devices of the future must be designed to facilitate regular sanitization.

Onyx Healthcare is mindful to this, so we ensure that all our products are now waterproof. They also meet IP regulations, so they are adequately sealed to prevent the entry of foreign bodies such as dirt and germs.

If you would like a more comprehensive picture of what the future in medical devices manufacturing looks like, contact Onyx Healthcare for a consultation. Call 714-792-0774 today, or visit us online at www.onyxhealthcareusa.com.

medical devices that are reshaping healthcare

How is Onyx Healthcare different than other medical device companies?

There are over 6,500 medical device companies in the US, all focused on satisfying the demands of the large medical device market that exists here. Onyx Healthcare USA Inc, is one of these companies, and is committed to providing technologically advanced solutions to meet the demands of the industry. But with so many alternatives out there, how is Onyx Healthcare different than other medical device companies.

Onyx works directly with hospital and healthcare providers to design and manufacture the particular technologies they need. Because of this, we are able to give clients products that precisely match their specifications, so that they can achieve better outcomes. This close interaction also allows us to provide clients with efficient customer service.

Here are a few of the things that make Onyx Healthcare different:

Client-specific solutions
Our solutions are client-specific, which means we design exactly what our clients require. While we have an array of standard products, we offer our customers a variety of options that enable us to make customized solutions. The medical device technologies and computing platforms are therefore tailoredto suit their needs.

Fast turnaround time
When compared to other medical device companies,Onyx has a relatively short turnaround time. Whereas we can get our products out within 2-3 years, other medical device companies can take up to 7 years to do so.

Thanks to our inventive research and development engineering team, we are able to develop high quality products that are in-keeping with the latest technical and technological advances. These products are all designed to meet FDA and regional standards.

Onyx is on a mission to innovate healthcare, and we’ve been able to set ourselves apart, by working directly with clients, to develop innovative customized medical devices.

Call us at 714-792-0774 to schedule a consultation, and find out how we can develop the medical devices you need.

medical devices that are reshaping healthcare

How will going paperless aid my healthcare practice services?

Many healthcare practices suffer from paper inefficiencies that increase operating costs, and negatively impact the patient experience. That’s why there’s been a shift to paperless healthcare in the last few years. While there are obvious benefits, some medical professionals and institutions are still wondering – How will going paperless aid my healthcare practice services?

What is a paperless healthcare practice?
A paperless healthcare practice uses technological innovations such as medical PCs, to access information quickly, and enhance the quality of care to patients.

A paperless healthcare practice can provide several benefits. It can help to:

  • Streamline processes and improve efficiency, thereby freeing up physicians to spend more time with patients.With an electronic record system,there is a significant reduction in the amount of time it takes to update patient records. In fact, the update can be done while the patient is being seen.
  • Reduce administrative costs and expenses. The costs related to the storage and management of paper records can add up. Opting for an electronic record system will therefore lead to a reduction in expenses, as there will be less staff needed to file documents or update records.
  • Improve the quality of care.Sending and receiving all patient information in a digital format gives medical professionals the ability to deal with patients in a more efficient manner. Electronic recording of data improves the accuracy of data, as it reduces errors and omissions.

Going paperless often requires purchasing new devices and software, and upgrading hardware. That’s where Onyx Healthcare USA, Inc comes in. We provide top quality medical PC solutions for healthcare practices, and medical device companies.

If you’d like to find out more about how Onyx Healthcare can help you achieve your goal of a paperless medical practice, call714-792-0774today for a consultation.

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