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medical devices that are reshaping healthcare

How long is the IT design development process with Onyx Healthcare?

Onyx Healthcare is a leading manufacturer of medical PC solutions. We bring a wealth of experience to each project we undertake, and the challenge is always to deliver on budget and on time. But how long is the IT design development process with Onyx Healthcare.

Onyx Healthcare
Onyx Healthcare develops a wide range of IT solutions for healthcare providers, and medical device companies. At the outset, our aim is always to gain a deep understanding of the system our client needs, so that we can design and develop the product accurately, and in a timely manner.

How long is the IT design development process?
The length of the IT design development process will vary. It often depends on  whether we are manufacturing a design to client customization, or we are tailoring a solution around one of our standard products.

However, you can expect the process to be relatively short because of:

  • Our excellent ODM product team: We have an ODM team that works full time to manufacture the systems our clients need. They take charge of the design and specs to build and create the required product, while safeguarding the protection of your intellectual property. We make sure to deliver on time, and also keep NRE costs down.
  • Our UL-60601 pre-certification: This allows our clients to get their products to market much quicker, as they don’t have to wait on certification.
  • Our experience:The design experience we have helps us stick to our timelines, and also ensures that we offer real value.

If you’d like to learn more about the medical devices we have available at Onyx Healthcare, USA, Orange, CA, call us at 714-792-0774 for a consultation.

medical devices that are reshaping healthcare

How can HIT(Healthcare IT) help with physician shortage

The shortage of primary physicians in the US is a real one, and based on current trends, the supply of doctors is not expected to match the demand anytime soon. Greater use of technology is seen as one way to bridge the gap, and lessen the impact of the inadequate number of physicians. But how can HIT (healthcare IT) help with physician shortage.

Health IT can help the physician shortage
Health IT can help to address the shortage of physicians in sever always.It provides telecommunications technologies that allow physicians and patients to connect without an office visit. This is especially beneficial in rural areas and smaller communities,where the physician shortage is often more acute.

Telehealth capabilities have made it possible for patients in rural areas to connect with doctors for routine medical purposes. Patients can also access specialty care via this method. Being able to see a specialist can often be challenging, especially for the older population, but online consultation has made specialists more accessible.

Mobile medical devices
Mobile medical devices that link into electronic health records allow doctors to have video conferences with patients, and diagnose and treat some conditions. Physicians are therefore able to assist more patients, and also use their time more efficiently.

Health IT is improving access to care, as doctors are able to share information electronically. The access to EHR has made the transfer of patients easier, and this also helps to decrease the demand for physician services.

Medical IT has made it possible for doctors to now practice medicine at a distance, and this is certainly helping to reduce the impact of the physician shortage.

Contact Onyx Healthcare Inc, USA, Orange CA, for more information on medical IT devices that are helping to transform healthcare. Call 714-792-0774 for a consultation.

Onyx Healthcare unveiled innovative features at HIMSS 2016.

The success of the HIMSS 2016 in Las Vegas was a clear indication of how digital innovation continues to transform healthcare. It’s impossible to measure the future value of the interactions that took place, and the connections that were forged. Medical IT companies like Onyx Healthcare unveiled innovative features at HIMSS 2016.

Onyx Healthcare is committed to improving the connectivity between the various health departments, and the medical personnelresponsible for patient care. HIMSS 2016 offered the perfect opportunity for Onyx to showcase:

  • Our latest medical tabletseries – Medical tablets are one of the patient-provider technologies that took center-stage at HIMSS 2016. They’ve become a hit,because they eliminate the need to push mobile workstations around. Our latest release in this category allowsaccess to EMRs and PACs, facilitates telemedicine consultation, and permits medical personnel to upload patient interview and discharge data to the hospital database.
  • Innovations in patient engagement – There is an increasing demand for tools to drive patient engagement. Onyx showcased solutions like the 18.5″ Celeron Quad Core Healthcare Infotainment Terminal, which can significantly enhance patient comfort. They Celeron Quad Core brings together the functionalities of a television, phone, and computer, so that patients can be entertained, and also communicate easily with family and medical staff.
  • Advancesin operating room technology -The operating room is another area where technology is transforming the delivery of healthcare. At HIMSS 2016 Onyxunveiled its 4K ultra high performance computer and Integrated Clinical Environment, which is designed to assist with improving the operation process.

These are only a few of the innovative features Onyx Healthcare unveiled at HIMSS 2016. Call 714-792-0774to find out about our other products, or go online to http://usa.onyx-healthcare.com/.

How can new technology aid in improving services to patients?

More than ever before there are products being produced by medical technology companies, which are helping to deliver faster and more efficient patient care. New devices such as medical PCs and tablets, make traditional medical information such as patient data, financial, and clinical data easily accessible to all health care participants. But just how can new technology aid in improving services to patients.

Cutting edge technology has taken medicine to the next level, and made telemedicine a reality.  It’s now possible to transmit audio and video images of patients and have virtual links.

New technology has the potential to improve efficiency in the following ways:

  • Speed up prognosis: Doctors have real-time access to medical records, as well as to the results of X-rays, ultrasounds, and other tests that they need to make a speedy yet accurate prognosis. Doctors are also able to deliver better care, since they can manage all patient data in a single, unified interface.
  • Lower costs: The new technology allows patients and doctors to interact remotely, and some hospitals now handle patient ‘visits’ virtually via videoconference. Consultations with specialists can be done face-to-face using tablets or PCs. The costs attached to these interactions are lower than in-person consultations.
  • Increase patient-doctor collaboration: Mobile applications have made it possible for people to access health care wherever they happen to be.  Patients can view and analyze their health information, and this improves collaboration with doctors, as they have relevant data at their fingertips.

If you would like to learn more about the new medical technology, and how it is improving services to patients contact Onyx Healthcare USA, Inc. Onyx is located in Orange CA. Onyx builds medical devices that are specific to each customer’s needs. Call 714-792-0774 for more information.

medical devices that are reshaping healthcare

What is the latest in medical devices that are reshaping healthcare?

There is a revolution taking place in medicine that not even doctors saw coming. Digital health has become a reality, and new devices are improving the delivery of healthcare. These technological advances are creating new opportunities and dramatically redefining healthcare. But what is the latest in medical devices that are reshaping healthcare?

Development in IT platforms has led to innovations that benefit patients, and allow doctors and nurses to deliver more efficient services. Some of the latest devices that are now available include:

  1. Infotainment terminals: These are beneficial to patients and doctors alike. The all-in-one terminal has multimedia entertainment and communication capabilities that allow patients to enjoy bedside entertainment. At the same time, the medical staff has easy access to electronic patient information, which provides a real-time view of your health status.
  2. Medical Tablets: Links with touch-friendly devices like tablets allows patients to track and manage their health. It also facilitates collaboration between medical staff and patients, as they can discuss their prognosis and treatment options. Tablets are portable, easy to use, and can access a wide range of medical apps.

These devices are all helping to create more personalized care for patients, at a lower cost. The high cost of healthcare is one of the biggest challenges faced by healthcare providers in the US. These devices are all aimed at reducing cost while improving efficiency.

If you are interested in medical devices for the healthcare system, contact Onyx Healthcare USA, Inc. located in Orange, CA. We are a medical healthcare IT provider that builds products such as medical computers and tablets, which are used by health care providers and medical device companies. Call 714-792-0774to find out more.

What is the latest in 3D Medical Printing?

Thanks to 3D medical printing, made-to-order prosthetics are now possible. 3D medical printing is a revolutionary new wave in medicine that promises to usher in an exciting era, through the production of a range of medical devices.So let’s find out what is the latest in 3D medical printing.

What is 3D medical printing
The use of 3D printers to produce medical devices is an emerging trend, in which printing technology is used to create medical devices such as prosthetics, and implants. Essentially, medical practitioners are using small low cost printers to create customized devices for patients. The prosthetics produced by 3-D medical printing are not only highly personalized, but they are also a lot cheaper than traditional models.

How it works
The customized design is created by the software that controls the printer. Plastics or metal is put into the printer, and it  sprays out the material, printing the design in three dimensions,layer by layer. Using the technology, engineers have been able to create 3-D printed robotic arms, teeth, spinal braces,and more.

What’s the latest
The focus of 3D medical printing is now shifting to the creation of devices for the inside of the human body. Engineers are already producing custom hip and knee joints, and as experimentation continues, engineers are working on using the technology to create organs and body parts. Tissues are also being made, with the use of bioprinting.

3D printing has made it possible to design devices that are compatible with the body and medical needs of patients, making them a comfortable fit.

Call Onyx Healthcare, USA, Orange, CAat 714-792-0774, to find out more about the latest in 3D medical printing. Onyx Healthcare,is a medical IT company that has been at the forefront of producing cutting edge medical devices for many years.

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