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Is there a non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift?

Is there a non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift?

When the Brazilian butt lift came along women wanting to improve the appearance of their buttocks, were happy to have an alternative to synthetic implants. But since that time the demand for non-surgical cosmetic treatments has been increasing, but is there also a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift.

What is a Brazilian butt lift?
A Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that uses unwanted fat from other parts of the body to add volume, and change the shape of the buttocks. The fat is extracted using a specialized liposuction technique and is purified, before being injected into the buttocks.

Is there a non-surgical Brazilian Butt lift
Yes there is, and it’s actually a fast rising non-surgical cosmetic procedure. The non-surgical Brazilian butt lift represents the latest innovation in butt augmentation. It uses Sculptra, which is a long lasting dermal filler, to give the buttocks a fuller look.

Sculptra is a dermal filler that is derived from poly-l-lactic acid (PLLA), and is ordinarily used to correct facial wrinkles. It is a volumizing filler that stimulates the body’s collagen production.

How the non-surgical Brazilian butt lift works
The area is first injected with a local anesthetic, and after the area is numbed the physician will use a very fine needle to inject the filler into the buttocks. The number of treatments needed will depend on the level of augmentation desired. Results can be seen about 3 weeks after treatment and can last up to 2 years.

The non-surgical Brazilian butt lift is a good option for patients that don’t have enough fat to perform a traditional Brazilian butt lift.

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How many CoolSculpting treatments will I need?

Will I have scarring from a body lift after weight loss?

If you’ve struggled to lose a lot of weight and finally achieved your goal, you should feel a great sense of satisfaction. But unfortunately, sagging skin is a serious downside of this type of weight loss, and body lift surgery is the recommended solution. Potential patients are often concerned about scarring, and usually want to know – Will I have scarring from a body lift after weight loss.

Body Lift Surgery
Body lift surgery involves the removal of excess skin from the body after massive weight loss. This may require an upper body lift, lower body lift, or a full body lift.

Will I have scarring from a body lift after weight loss?
As is the case with any plastic surgery procedure, you can expect to have some scarring after body lift surgery. A body lift is an extensive procedure that involves incisions in several areas. The location of the incisions and consequent scars will vary, depending on the type of lift that is performed.

An upper body lift typically includes the arms, chest, and upper back. The incision for the back region is typically made just below the bra line, so the scar may behidden within the body’s natural creases. However, scars in areas suchas the arms are not easy to hide.

A lower body lift normally involves removing skin from the abdominal region, as well as the buttocks and thighs. The incision is usually positioned below the underwear line, so the scar can bewell-hidden by clothing.

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