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Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work on All Tattoos?

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work on All Tattoos?

Are you ready to get rid of that bold, multi-colored tattoo that you once thought was so beautiful?  If you are, you certainly must have heard about laser tattoo removal, because it’s the most efficient tattoo removal method.  But does laser tattoo removal work on all tattoos.

How laser tattoo removal works

The laser emits pulses of light energy that target the particles of tattoo ink in the deep dermal layer of the skin.  The large ink particles absorb the laser light, which causes them to shatter into tiny fragments.  The fragments are then removed from the body via the immune system over the following weeks.  The tattoo will gradually become lighter, as more pigments are flushed away.

Does laser tattoo removal work on all tattoos

Laser tattoo removal can work on all tattoos, but some are easier to remove than others.  Dark tattoos are generally the easiest to remove, especially those with black ink, but lighter colors are more challenging to erase. 

When fading multi-colored tattoos, the laser being used must have several wavelengths, as each ink color requires a different wavelength of light.   

If you are considering laser tattoo removal, be sure to select a laser center that uses an advanced system like the PicoSure laser.

How many laser tattoo removal treatments will I need?

It typically takes multiple sessions to fade a tattoo, about 5-10, but this may vary depending on the technology being used.  More and more ink is broken down with each laser treatment, until the tattoo ink is no longer visible.

Would you like to learn more about laser tattoo removal?  Search our directory to find a practice in your area.

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How Many Treatments Do I Need to Lighten a Tattoo?

How Many Treatments Do I Need to Lighten a Tattoo?

Tattoos are no longer forever, because thanks to today’s technology people can lighten an existing tattoo, and get the tattoo they really want. There are times when a tattoo doesn’t come out just right, but it’s possible to lighten or remove it all together. But one of the most common patient questions about the procedure is, – how many treatments do I need to lighten a tattoo.

How laser tattoo lightening works
The process to lighten a tattoo involves the same laser treatment used for tattoo removal, but it requires fewer treatment sessions. The light rays emitted by the laser are absorbed by the particles in the tattoo, causing them to fragment. The particles are then absorbed by the body, and later removed via the lymphatic system.

How Many Treatments Do you need to lighten a tattoo?
It’s not always easy to estimate the number of treatments that will be needed to lighten a tattoo, as it depends on several factors, including the power and effectiveness of the laser being used. However, depending on the technology, it can take 2-4 treatments to lighten a tattoo.

The color of the tattoo also influences the number of treatments needed, as some colors are easier to lighten than others. In addition, tattoos that are placed deep in the skin will require more treatment sessions.

Newer technologies like the Lumenis QX Max can lighten tattoos quickly and efficiently, as it treats a broad range of tattoo colors.

Are you ready to lighten that tattoo? Search our directory to find a practice in your area.

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I have a colorful tattoo: How many sessions will I need to remove it?

‘Tattoo regret’ is on the rise in the US, which means more Americans are ruing getting inked, and want to remove their markings.While laser technology has made fading tattoos more tolerable, removing them can still be challenging, especially if they are multi-colored. So people with brightly colored tattoos continue to ask–“I have a colorful tattoo how many sessions will I need to remove it.”

Tattoo removal can be a difficult process, because the ink is embedded within the dermis, or middle layer of the skin. Tattoos were designed to be permanent, that’s why they are placed in the deep layer of the skin, and it therefore takes several laser sessions to fade them.

How laser tattoo removal works?
The heat from the laser energy breaks up the ink into tiny particles, and the fragments are then eliminated by the body.

How many sessions do you need
The number of sessions depends on the type of laser being used, as well as the size and specific colors of the tattoo. There are newer lasers that combine several wavelengths, which make them effective on a range of different colors. However, some colors like green and light blue are difficult to fade.

Having a tattoo removed can be a long process, even with lasers it can take up to 12 sessions. While most of the ink will be go neat the end of treatment, there is no guarantee that all the ink will fade.

If you have a colorful tattoo that you would like removed, contact Accent Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Tupelo, MS.  Call (662) 377-6290 today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Mark Craig. Dr. Craig will do an evaluation, and estimate the number of sessions you will need to remove your tattoo.

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