Are you considering breast augmentation but want to know if surgery will affect your nipples. That’s very understandable, because many women interested in breast augmentation want to know if their nipples will look the same after surgery, or if there will be a noticeable difference in size or position.

Will breast augmentation affect nipple size?

Women that want to undergo breast augmentation generally believe that since breast size will increase after surgery, the size of the areola (the pigmented skin that surrounds the nipple), will also increase. However, there is rarely any change in the size of the nipples after breast augmentation.

In some cases the areola may appear bigger after breast augmentation, because the skin has to stretch to accommodate the implants. This is generally more noticeable when larger implants are involved, but again, the size of the nipples will not be affected.

Will breast augmentation affect the position of the nipples?

Some patients may notice that the nipples sit higher on the chest immediately after breast augmentation. However, once the breasts have stabilized within a few months, the nipples will settle to a lower position and look more natural (click here to learn more).

How does breast augmentation affect the nipples

While breast augmentation won’t affect the size and position of the nipples, it can affect sensation. There have been instances in which women experience either partial or complete loss of sensation in the nipples after breast augmentation. However, these cases are rare.

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