If you have a few trouble spots on your body that you’d like to sculpt without surgery, SculpSure may be the right procedure for you. SculpSure is a quick procedure, and no anesthesia or downtime is required. But how much do SculpSure fat reduction treatments typically cost.

SculpSure is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that reduces fat in the abdomen and flanks using a 1060nm diode laser. The laser works by heating and destroying the fat cells, and is safe for all skin types. SculpSure treatment takes only 25 minutes, and will destroy 24% of the fattytissue that istreated.

SculpSure has a built-in contact cooling system that helps to make the procedure comfortable for most patients. Some improvement can be seenwithin 6 weeks of treatment, but final results can take up to 12 weeks. The results you gain with SculpSure are permanent, because the treated fat cells are gone for good.

How much do SculpSure treatments cost
The cost for SculpSure treatments varies across the different states and regions throughout the US. The cost ranges from a high of $2,500 per treatment to a low of $1,500. However, most medical facilities offer price discounts if you need more than one treatment.

Are you a good candidate?
If you have stubborn fat deposits that you can’t get rid of, SculpSure can trim your body and give you a slimmer, sleeker look. You should also be within 30 lbs. of your ideal weight.

SculpSure fat reduction treatment is available in Orange County, CA at Song Plastic Surgery, Irvine, CA.

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