Are you unhappy with the appearance of your nose? You can fix it with rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty also known as a nose job, is a procedure that is done to reshape the nose and correct irregularities. It can be done for functional or cosmetic reasons, but how do the procedures differ.

How functional rhinoplasty differs from cosmetic rhinoplasty
The goals of functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty are not the same.  The goal of functional rhinoplasty is to correct a problem with the function of the nose, while cosmetic rhinoplasty is aimed at improving perceived flaws in the appearance of the nose.

Functional rhinoplasty is done because the nose is not functioning optimally, and this usually affects breathing and impacts overall well-being.Functional rhinoplasty may be carried out to correct issues relating to the nasal architecture such as a deviated septum, nasal injury, or obstructed airways.  Nasal septoplasty is the procedure that repairs a deviated septum, and turbinate reduction surgery fixes obstructed breathing.

Cosmetic rhinoplasty changes the appearance of the nose, in order to address aesthetic concerns. This may involve removing a nasal hump or bump, or adjusting the size or shape of the nostrils.  Individuals choose cosmetic rhinoplasty so as to alter a characteristic of their nose that they are unhappy with.

Functional rhinoplasty has to do with function, while cosmetic rhinoplasty focuses on form. Depending on the concerns that need to be addressed, a combination of both procedures may be required.

If you are contemplating nose surgery, be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for advice.

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