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What Symptoms Can Functional Rhinoplasty Cure?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t realize that rhinoplasty is more than a cosmetic procedure, so there are times when it’s done to correct defects in the nasal structure. These defects often disrupt breathingand also cause other issues that have to be corrected with functional rhinoplasty. But what symptoms can functional rhinoplasty cure.

Functional Rhinoplasty
Functional rhinoplasty is done to correct abnormalities of the nasal structures. There are different functional rhinoplasty procedures that can fix the various complications that can affect the nose.

What Symptoms Can functional rhinoplasty Cure?
Functional rhinoplasty focuses on alleviating symptoms related to the obstruction of the nasal airways.Symptoms associated with airway obstruction include breathing through the mouth, nasal congestion, reduced sense of smell, dry mouth, nosebleeds, and sinus headaches (click here for more info).

What causes nasal obstruction?
Nasal obstruction may be due to various factors including a deviated nasal septum as well as enlarged turbinates.

The nasal septum is comprised ofbone and cartilage and separates the nasal passages. If the nasal septum is twisted or bent (deviated), it can obstruct the flow of air into the nasal passages. Septoplasty is the operation that is done to correct a deviated septum and improve airflow.

The turbinates are bony projections on the side wall of the inside of the nasal passage. If the turbinates become enlarged this can also obstruct airflow in the nasal passages. Turbinate reduction surgery is done to reduce the size of the turbinates, and open up the airways.

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When will I be able to see final results following nose surgery?

The nose sits smack in the center of the face, which is a concern for those people that don’t like their nose for some reason. Many of them decide to undergo rhinoplasty in a bid to transform their look. One of the questions plastic surgeons are frequently asked about rhinoplasty is – When will I be able to see final results following nose surgery.

Nose surgery (rhinoplasty)
Rhinoplasty is a medical procedure that is done to alter the shape and size of the nose, and may be performed for cosmetic or functional reasons. During the procedure, the surgeon will usually remove some cartilage and bone, or add cartilage grafts.

Nose surgery is typically done using either a closed or open technique. With closed rhinoplasty the incisions are made inside the nose, so no scars are visible after surgery. However with the open rhinoplasty an additional incision is made on the columella, which is the tissue that separates the nostrils at the base.

When will I be able to see final results following nose surgery.
Some subtle results can be seen in the first few weeks after surgery. However, patients should be aware that there is usually significant swelling after rhinoplasty. The final results can take up to 12 months, because it often takes that long for the swelling to resolve (learn more).Patients are advised to closely follow the post-operative instructions of their surgeon,in order to ensure optimal healing.

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