Telemedicine technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and some healthcare providers  are finding it hard to keep up. There are now a host of devices that have been integrated into the health care system, which make the process easier for physicians and patients. But what is the latest advancement in telemedicine devices.

New telemedicine devices are emerging every day, but one of the most innovative products is the infotainment system with eye tracking technology developed by Onyx Healthcare. The device is similar to other infotainment solutions in that it  combines information and entertainment capabilities.

Traditional infotainment systems are controlled by a remote control or a touchscreen terminal. However, the latest infotainment device by Onyx goes a step further, because it’s equipped with eye tracking technology.

The eye tracking feature is a game-changer for patients that are disabled, or have limited mobility. With just a few simple eye movements, they can access the bedside terminal without needing assistance.  This unique system gives them some measure of independence as it allows them to view their medical records, request a visit from a doctor or nurse, and also look through the various channels to find the specific TV show they’d like to watch.

The device is certain to provide patients with a great deal of satisfaction, by giving them equal access to bedside terminals, despite their physical limitations.

The bedside terminal has a 15” PC panel that is attached to a built-in monitor arm. It also has an external hot swap battery system that ensures optimal power availability.

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